“And even greater things shall ye do…”



I am sure many of you have heard about our great master Jesus and the miraculous acts of healing that he has channeled in his lifetime. But what stands-out to me are the above words that he left behind. This is the trust he had in humankind and this is the greatness of responsibility that he has bestowed upon the human species.

What do these words mean to me? As a person who had encountered the spirit world before I could even learnt to talk, who had experienced premonitions and observed many ‘miraculous’ recoveries from illnesses… these words resonate at the deepest core of me.

I believe that the appearance of great avatars – in the form of Jesus, Muhammed, The Buddha etc. – in our lifetime were presented to us as a reminder of our internal / innate greatness. This greatness that I speak of is nothing more than honouring the Divine spark that resides within our body – The Soul! So great is that divine spark that not only can it bring brightness to a dark spot, but it also has the ability to transform any lower energies in it great power of light.

When Jesus uttered those words, he believed that we would indeed be great healers and that spiritual development in our day and time is not a ‘gift from the Gods’, or only for the ‘lucky ones’ but indeed our birth-right.  He believed that we would experiencing everyday miraculous events of healing, and that psychic premonitions would not be an extraordinary occurrence, but instead a source of intuitive guidance in order for us to live a fulfilled, happy life.

Intuitive healing and spiritual guidance is a very real thing and each and every one of us have had experiences where you have been ‘warned’ against certain situations, had a ‘nagging’ feeling that something was not right or had a ‘knowing’ about an event or person. These are the moments of divinely inspired guidance. This is universal truth and where everything that we have known, know and will know exists all at once. This is what Jung termed as the ‘collective unconscious’. It is from this vastness of pure energy where our great explorers have tapped into, only to have two great scientists in different parts of the world, come up with the same discovery.


Coincidence you may say? I call it the great power of Life and the greatness of Spirit. We all have the ability to tap into the collective unconscious. All that is needed is stillness of Self and an awareness of Life. Jesus had within his heart the entire of humanity, What do you have in your heart? And what pure state of being do you live from?


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